Humor Code takes over Slate and Cheezburger Network

Venn bracket

With The Humor Code hitting bookstores in just over a week, we’re gearing up our efforts to spread the word—by taking over the whole friggin’ Internet!

First, we just launched a 10-part, two-week series on Slate magazine, recounting some of the interesting things we learned about the science of humor through our travels and experiments. The first installment details various efforts over the millennia to explain what makes things funny—including Pete’s work developing the benign violation theory.

Secondly, we’ve partnered with the Cheezbuger Network, the web empire responsible for sites like FAIL Blog and I Can Has Cheezburger?, on what we’re calling the Ultimate Venn Diagram Tournament. To put Pete’s humor theory to the test, we’ve challenged eight successful humorists to combine benign concepts and horrible violations and come up with hilarity.

Round one of the three-round tournaments starts today. Check out the Venns and vote for your favorites here. It’s like the comedic version of the Thunderdome: Eight humorists enter, one humorist leaves.