The Humor Code Project

Peter Berkrot, in his narration booth. (Photo : Sheila Roberts Orlando)

Meet Peter Berkrot, our audiobook alter ego

One of the unexpected pleasures of writing The Humor Code has been getting to know our perfectly matched audiobook alter ego: actor and narrator Peter Berkrot. For years, Peter was probably best known for playing Angie D’Annunzio, the caddy in the 1980 comedy Caddyshack who was on the receiving end of Bill Murray’s insane Dalai… Keep Reading »

Joel plays "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" at Boulder's Congregation Nevei Kodesh - May 18

Joel plays “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” at Boulder’s Congregation Nevei Kodesh – May 18

Who’s up for a wild Sunday night of kosher delicacies and NPR references? Joel will be the special guest at Congregation Nevei Kodesh’s fundraising dinner and party on Sunday, May 18th, at 6 p.m. at Nevei Kodesh, 1925 Glenwood Drive, Boulder 80304. He’ll be playing “Not My Job” with host Dr. Jan Kirschner as part of a full… Keep Reading »


Can robots make humor? The ultimate man-versus-computer joke competition.

Computers do everything for us these days. They tell us how to drive from place to place using GPS coordinates, they recommend which movies we should watch on Netflix, they suggest potential mates for us on dating websites. Will they soon be creating jokes for us, too? We explored the surprisingly thorny issue of computer-generated… Keep Reading »

The 50 Funniest Cities in America

The 50 Funniest Cities in America

We traveled over 91,000 miles for our book, The Humor Code. Everywhere we went, we found a different flavor of humor. The jokes that got laughs at a comedy club in Denver didn’t always fly in the office of the cartoon editor of The New Yorker, and the torturous game shows that the Japanese find so amusing often… Keep Reading »

The Humor Code takes over UCB Theatre LA - April 15

The Humor Code takes over UCB Theatre LA – April 15

To celebrate the Los Angeles leg of our book tour, please us for an evening where comedy and science collide. To celebrate the launch of their book, The Humor Code, Peter McGraw, director of the Humor Research Lab (HuRL) at University of Colorado Boulder, and journalist Joel Warner (Wired, Slate, Bloomberg Businessweek), are bringing you… Keep Reading »